Beatmaking fundamentals

Learn everything there is to know to start making beats with the beat-making fundamentals course.


You 've just started to make beats

The course is designed to help those who want to learn how to make beats even if they have never done it before. With the right information, you will get to build your own home studio and start creating quality beats..

You will be guided

Menelik ARNELL, has harnessed the art of beat-making to create his own unique style and has produced for hundreds of artists around the world. His knowledge for music spans over a decade of creative research and collaboration with fellow artists and music engineers.

Learn the whole process

Now you can get practical information start making your own beats. Save and time money and get the proper advice and tips to create music, mixing, mastering and distribute your music independently.


Section 1

This is  a 5 step course for beginners who want know :

- Which hardware or software to choose. 

- Basic music theory. 

-  How to  structure your beats.

- How to sample sounds i in your work flow. 


You will get downloadable pdf with more information as well as free loop packs to start making hot beats.


 Start making beats right away !